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Welcome to Phoenix

Why we do what we do:   We believe our relationships with ourselves and with others are the principle driver for high performance, creativity and better results or fulfilment.

How we do what we do:  We do all our work with humanity, purpose and skill.

We have an amazing team of professional facilitators and coaches, from different backgrounds, who have all had previous lives in the business or arts worlds. So we ‘get it’ and have ‘done it’ in the real world, and we marry this experience with a passion for developing people, organisations and teams.  We have a variety of skills between us, from qualified coaches, to authorised facilitators of the TCI Team Diagnostic Assessment, to Licensed Practitioners of Insights Discovery or MBTI. So we’ll always find the right people to deliver the right result and to fit your organisation, and we trust them to do a great job for you, delivering great results and real change every time.

What we do:  In a nutshell, we facilitate the important and meaningful conversations – with groups, teams, organisations and individuals (some of the most important conversations are with ourselves!) to ensure understanding, alignment, appreciation and performance.

Established in 2009, Phoenix has worked with a variety of organisations in different sectors to ignite & unleash human potential – with business leaders, line managers, teams and individuals.