Partnership challenges – which of these issues do you recognise?

Common challenges in partnership relationships

Which is your biggest pain point when working with partners? Let us know…. When you’re working with partners within or external to your organisation, how many of these issues are you familiar with? What impact have these issues had on the success of your partnership or project?

We’d love to hear your experiences – comment below or send us a private message.

And….If you recognise more than 3 of these issues, you could benefit from a conversation with us about how to launch, manage or reset your partnership more effectively.

As partnership coaches, we work with the whole system to improve alignment, performance and impact. FREE 30 min discovery calls available to discuss your needs. Contact us.

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Bring your whole self to work

I passionately believe this – it’s the reason behind the Phoenix mission of Bringing Humanity to Work. We are all whole, complete beings – and the sooner we can freely access all parts of ourself in both professional and personal environments, the less effort we will have to put into being 2 separate identities (and boy, does this cost effort – I’ve done it!) Which means you have more energy to put into the important stuff – building relationships, solving a tricky business problem, being available and supportive to your kids, family and friends. #humanity_to_wk

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