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Team Coaching

Team coaching - Senior management team

Save the Children UK’s Global Programmes Management Team (responsible for £300m of annual programming) spent six months working closely with Phoenix to improve our team working, communications and mutual accountability. We benefited greatly from having two well matched facilitators who took us through a structured but flexible journey of self-analysis, trust and risk taking.  The positive feedback from the wider senior leadership team is testament to the distance we have travelled and the strengthened relationships we have to go even further.  Many thanks Phoenix!

F. DrakeExecutive Director of Global ProgrammesSave the Children
Senior Leadership team development

britvic logoPhoenix helped us translate a number of areas we wanted to explore as a senior team, into a focused agenda.  They helped create and shape an agenda that gave us the time and space to focus on us as a team, to have open and honest discussions about key topics, and provide creative solutions and activities to help move us forward as a team as part of a 2 day team development session.  This led to us having a series of open, honest and engaging conversations where we collectively reached alignment on a number of things which we solved / resolved in the team development session, or gave us the space and stimulus to move things forward back in the office environment.

For our size of group, we really benefited from having 2 facilitators, both of which brought different things to the group dynamic.  Having independent facilitators also meant they could push us where they felt we were holding back, and offer suggestions from their breadth of experiences.

We found the session hugely beneficial and would highly recommend Jo and her colleagues.

Matt BarwellChief Marketing OfficerBritvic
High Performing Teams - Executive Board



UnLtd is the foundation for social entrepreneurs, finding and supporting the best talent in the UK to tackle the most pressing social challenges in the country and doing so in ways which are sustainable and impactful. We are a highly ambitious organisation, innovating new models, and building an ecosystem of support capable of tapping the full potential of social entrepreneurs.

Our top team has worked brilliantly on their individual functions. But we wanted to go further, with fluid teamwork, bringing all the skills and styles to bear on the whole of our mission.

Jo and Isabel from Phoenix Training and Coaching had an immediate grasp of our challenge, asking the acute questions which got to the heart of our starting point and goals. Their session design rapidly built from the fundamentals of personal communication styles, to trust building, and on to using specific, real projects to identify the behaviours and approaches that would work for us.

Many team development approaches feel great on the day but rapidly lose impact afterwards. Phoenix were different – they changed our “normal”. They left us with commitments, tools and gut level understanding to make our team truly high performing. If you want real, lasting results, I thoroughly recommend them.

Cliff PriorCEOUnLtdUK
Team Development and flexibility

I’ve been delighted to work with Jo over the last couple of years in two very different organisations, with different cultures and priorities.

Her experience, care, insight and flexibility make her an ideal partner to help explore challenges and build a team.

Everyone will come away from a session with Jo having learnt something – about themselves or others – that will stay with them for a long time

Judith McNeillDirector of PhilanthropyThe Mercers' Company
Health Team Workshop - Save the Children


Jo provided extremely high quality support to design and deliver a two day team workshop.  She worked to tight deadlines to put together an excellent programme and was extremely helpful in thinking through what would be achievable in the time we had available.

Jo then did a fantastic job of facilitating the workshop that responded to the needs of the team really well – they all evaluated the time together extremely highly, particularly commenting on the high quality of the facilitation.

The days were very participatory and Jo managed to pitch the exercises and sessions perfectly so that the team remained engaged and felt able to be open during the various exercises.  We managed to cover a huge amount of ground and the workshop really moved the team forward – meeting our objectives and expectations for the day.

We have already booked Jo for another session in the middle of the year!

Alison ForderHead of Health Programme Policy and Quality | Global ProgrammesSave the ChildrenLondon
Senior team development

Bringing Humanity to Work small logo | Phoenix Training & CoachingJo delivered an excellent workshop for five team members at SCUK. I was thoroughly impressed by the planning and organisation of the workshop and also how Jo tailored the workshop and ensured the engagement of the team. The workshop helped us to understand how building upon the skills of team members will help us to build the cohesiveness of the team.

I have no doubt in recommending Jo as a facilitator for similar exercises.

Samy AhmarSenior Impact & Evidence Adviser - Health & HIVSave the Children UK
Team Development

dogstrust logoI just wanted to say thank you very much for all you did last Tuesday at our away day. I could write realms about how you really listened to what I wanted to get out of the day and nailed it, but I thought you’d much prefer to hear from the team on what they thought so here’s a couple of emails people sent me after the day.

“I found the training really interesting and it was quite liberating to feel like others understand the way you work better, and vice versa. I thought the activities Jo put together were really thought provoking and fun, too.”

“It was really interesting to build on my previous work with Insights in a much deeper, more applicable way. I really enjoyed how passionate Jo was about her work, and that fed through into my enjoyment of the session. I found the ways to identify other colour energies so interesting and useful, and it’ll really inform my work going forwards.”

Thank you from us all in the Philanthropy & Corporate Partnerships Team at Dogs Trust.

Helen WalkerHead of Philanthropy & Corporate PartnershipsDogs Trust
Team development

rsz_stc_logo_squareJo and Tara provided excellent support in helping define what we wanted to achieve in a two-day session.  They then worked to provide a programme that responded to the needs of our team exceptionally well, using the ‘Insights’ tool and a range of other highly participatory and engaging games and conversations about providing feedback, negotiating skills, managing conflict and so on.  The feedback from the team on both days was nothing short of effusive.  We’re already planning a follow up session later in the year.

Richard GrahamH.O. EducationSave the ChildrenUK
Richard Graham

Comic Relief logo | Phoenix Training & CoachingThe session was exceptionally well prepared and allowed us to get through a remarkable amount of work and discussion in just half a day.  What impressed me most was Jo and Adrian’s ability to move seamlessly and swiftly from each topic area, allowing for sufficient reflection and discussion, but without ever making a session feel rushed.  They found an excellent balance between introducing concepts, individual or paired discussion with group work so the team were completely engaged throughout.  I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Richard GrahamHead of International GrantsComic ReliefLondon
Catriona Bryden

nspccPhoenix were excellent! They really took time out to understand the nuances of what we were trying to achieve, and produced a workshop that met our objectives exactly. The trainer was highly knowledgeable and made the session interactive and fun – most importantly the team learned new relationship building and communication skills that they are applying to their work on a daily basis.   Catriona Bryden

Catriona BrydenSenior Partnerships ManagerNSPCCLondon

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching - Scottish Ballet soloist & DCD Ambassador

Before going to Jo, I wasn’t too sure of what to expect of coaching. Her sessions have helped me tackle challenges without feeling overwhelmed and were delivered with compassion, humour and understanding, all while giving me tools to use, many that I already had but just hadn’t tapped into. Jo has a great way of allowing space to think and explore and I always leave our time together feeling supported and empowered.

Araminta WraithSoloist & DCD AmbassadorScottish Ballet
One to one coaching - Manchester professional independent dancer

I travelled to Leeds from Greater Manchester over one year for three DCD* coaching sessions with Jo. The opportunity of these sessions came as I was recovering from what was a life changing injury and beginning to care more for my Dad who has Alzheimer’s. I remember enjoying making my way, firstly with a walking stick to sessions that gave me the opportunity to reflect positively on my situation. I could talk through the challenging experience of being a dancer who had to stop, suddenly a busy working life in dance and health and whose growing responsibilities meant that a rethink about this was needed. As my injury took its time to heal, this transition also took its time and during that I had the opportunity to discover new interests. Jo actively supported me in this which was a huge thing for someone who has worked for over twenty five years in dance and whose body and self belief had taken a knock.

I’m now teacher training in Mindfulness for Health. I run an informal Mindfulness Group and creative activities outdoors in my local area. I work as a movement and visual artist and am finding my dancing body again. All this I plan carefully around my caring role.

Thank you Jo, in a stormy time you helped set me off on a new exciting journey.

*DCD = Dancers Career Development

Cath HawkinsProfessional dancerManchester
One to one coaching

Jo’s coaching sessions have been a wonderful help to me, by setting up the tools and skills I needed for future and current plans. She was brilliant in being efficient with the time we were given and making sure I achieved all my priorities for the sessions. Jo’s great with keeping communication and always there if you need to discuss things. Her positivity and enthusiasm is inspiring and motivating to help push myself for future endeavours.

MaddyProfessional Ballet Dancer
One to one coaching - Leeds independent dancer

I was one of the first dancers at the new NHS dance injury clinic in London in 2012 with an injury which unfortunately worsened with complications, although symptoms eased after my year of treatment with the clinic, with the hope of performing again, it was not to be so with extra medical complications occurring later that year. I met Jo at a DCD Evolve event at Scottish Ballet in 2017 and went on to receive coaching from her at Northern Ballet.  After one session I had, through her facilitation, turned around my perceived wasted years into consolidated learning and applied to do my masters degree in occupational therapy with a view to engage others in achieving what they are able to through healthcare education despite their disabilities.

Jo is an expert at facilitating change in perception of “inability” to “ability” and “can’t do” to “will do.” By the second session, I had actioned the confidence, problem-solving skills and positive thinking Jo had instigated in me through the previous session and am currently well on my way to my new career, supported by DCD.

Coaching with Jo was an indispensable part in this, providing the final push to achieve my transition by providing the none judgemental active listening and providing me with the reflective ability to recognise and action the skills I did not realise I had. Working with Jo took away the final barrier of fear to allow my next move in life and I recommend her for any coaching needs you may have.

Yvonne WallLeeds
One to one coaching

I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to my meetings with Jo she made me feel at ease, gave me confidence when I really needed it and brought clarity and order to my chaotic regime and life.  On reflection the sessions were stretched over a massive developmental period of my life therefore I grew in experience which has taught me about prioritising my administrative duties, recognise my own strengths and delegate to others who are more suited to that role. Overall I have learnt to create awareness and take action to finding balance in my work and family life.  Thank you.

Emma ClaytonLeeds
One to one coaching

My head is exploding with ideas since our session.  You must think I’m a bit nuts, but I feel very excited about this and just wanted to let you know!

Thank you so much for the amazing session! It really brought to light the issues that were blocking me and catapulted me to a really great place.  You’re amazing! May 2019

Mariana RodriguesProfessional Ballet DancerNorthern Ballet
One to one coaching - Scottish Ballet Soloist

“When I first started working with Jo, I found myself in the place of knowing what I wanted to do, but without the ability to clearly identify the pathways in front of me that could take me there. Working with Jo provided me not only with the tools to learn to listen out for to those opportunities but to also learn to listen to myself. Coaching with Jo was not a hand holding experience where I was being blindly led, but a journey through which I was able to create options and ideas and furthermore access the tools needed to then navigate future journeys on my own. This ultimately gives value to the time spent together, and the coaching priceless.”

Jamiel LaurenceSoloistScottish Ballet
One to one coaching - Leeds dance industry

Jo’s coaching style is professional, engaged, energised, compassionate and supportive and I left each session feeling utterly validated………and empowered. 

She is utterly committed to you as a client and whilst she never influenced my thinking, I felt expertly guided and supported by her.  The sessions with Jo helped me to (re)define myself, to find strengths that I didn’t realise I had, and to let go of focussing on the  things that are no longer either relevant or out of my power to change. 

Thank you, Jo!

Tracy TinkerPhoenix Dance Theatre
Team coaching

Jo recently facilitated a team session with us so that we could work closer and better as a team and to really challenge any team elements that weren’t working. The session was great, it enabled us to get to the root problem of what wasn’t working and to create a cohesive plan of how to integrate small changes into the team to fix some of the problems, and also to celebrate what is going well. The honesty and input was highly appreciated by all. I highly recommend Jo and found the session invaluable

Cat ChrimesVenture ManagerUnLtd
Team, event and business facilitation

I have worked with Phoenix over the last 2 years on 3 separate occasions with 3 very different briefs: Team & Business facilitation; Event Facilitation and Team Development.

They have consistently exceeded expectations helping to shape the brief, challenge the individuals involved in a productive manner and provided a constructive and effective environment that delivered the desired results. They are also a pleasure to work with! I would recommend them for any type of event design and facilitation that you need to do.

Zoe RuffelsVice President, Consumer Insight & AnalyticsSamsung Electronics EuropeUK


Strategy development facilitation

Jo facilitated the innocent foundation’s five year strategy planning day in 2017. Her support in planning the agenda, pre-read and meeting content, and her appreciation of team dynamics were all invaluable.

It was very clear from our preparatory discussions that Jo has significant experience operating at a senior level in both the charity and commercial sectors, which was crucial to understanding how we operate as the board of a corporate  foundation.

On the day, her relaxed but purposeful style worked brilliantly to get the best from everyone in the team and help us reach some major decisions.

Kate Franksinnocent foundation Director & Foundation Giving consultantinnocent foundationLondon
Team dynamics

Jo recently facilitated a session for the Learning & Engagement team at Sadler’s Wells, exploring team dynamics as well as looking at tools for managing time and pressure at work.

The whole experience of working with Jo has been incredibly positive, from the first conversation discussing ideas for the session through to her expert facilitation on the day.

The session has led to a better understanding of the working styles across the team and we have already adopted some of the tools for time management that were looked at during the session.

Joce GilesDirector of Learning & EngagementSadlers WellsLondon
Inspiring Communications team facilitation

Jo recently facilitated an Insights session with the communications department for our annual away day. The department had undergone some changes in staff and new teams joining the department so the away day was really important to bring everyone together to feel like one team and understand everyone’s working preferences.

I have worked with Jo for several years now because not only is she a real pleasure to work with but she delivers outstanding sessions that I always have such positive feedback from. The session Jo ran this time was really helpful in understanding personalities, dynamics and how we can work together as one team. She was great at the pre-planning and ensuring we had clear objectives for the session.

On the day, Jo was personal, motivating and it was a brilliantly set out session, guiding the team through their personal Insights/colours and how we interact as a department. It was a large team of people and Jo’s energy and enthusiasm meant that no one was sitting down for long and she kept the energy going with everyone all afternoon.

I’ve had great feedback from everyone that they really enjoyed the session and came away motivated and inspired.


Sophie Capleton (nee King)Director of CommunicationsUnicefLondon
Team development & Stakeholder influencing

 I had worked with Phoenix a few years ago so got in touch with Jo to see if she could help with our team away day brief.

Objectives included getting to know each other better/bond the team, become better communicators, know how to adapt to different styles, and consider how best to influence key stakeholders.

From the moment I made contact with Jo she was proactive, professional and just brilliant to work with. Jo arranged a face to face meeting to really understand more about our requirements and very quickly ascertained how best to respond and what to deliver for us. We confirmed a full day Insights Discovery workshop with Jo and Adrian for our team of 50 people. Jo was in touch regularly in the lead up to the day to ensure that we got the maximum output and the workshop was bespoke and personalised to our team needs.

Our morning session of self diagnosing our own colour energies once we had learnt the key principles was hugely insightful and the afternoon session then allowed for real life scenarios and challenges to be addressed with these new principles in mind. The day was fun, engaging and energetic. Jo and Adrian are really thought provoking with their content and delivery. The feedback from the team has been nothing but positive and they have been sharing with each other how various subsequent conversations and meetings both internal and external have included take outs and learnings from the day.

I would highly recommend Phoenix to facilitate any business improvement session and look forward to working with Jo and Adrian again in the future.

Nikki DonohoeHead of Special Events - PartnershipsNSPCCLondon
Team development and coaching skills

Jo is a highly insightful and skilled facilitator who came with a multitude of tools with which to work with a group of academics who were all at different stages of their careers. We were focused on high impact team building and introducing coaching skills. The session planning was extremely thorough and Jo’s preparation meant that as a group we achieved so much in a short amount of time enabled by her wide range of skills. It was a really successful day, as a team we left feeling strong and assured. I would highly recommend Jo as both an excellent facilitator and positive insightful human being, we’ll certainly be inviting her to work with us again.

Mary OliverDean of Faculty Media and PerformanceArts University BournemouthBournemouth
Team Creativity workshop

unicef-logo-squareJo ran an excellent creativity session with our media team as part of an away day. From the initial discussions right through to the session Jo understood what was needed and provided really insightful comments and additions to the plan for the morning.

I have worked with Jo over several years in a previous role and I’ve always been so impressed with her preparation and attention to detail when preparing for sessions. She interrogates you (in a good way!) to ensure she really understands the objectives and requirements for the day to ensure that the session is as productive and enjoyable as it can be.

The session Jo ran was to look at plans for the team for 2017 and we came away with some really interesting plans that the team feel excited about taking forward. Jo is very good at reading people and can sense when she might need to bring some energy to a session or adapts to ensure she works with the people in the room. My team came away from the session feeling inspired and motivated so I couldn’t be happier.

Sophie KingHead of MediaUnicef UK
Team communication, motivation and time management

The trainindogstrust logog Jo provided was expertly tailored to meet the team’s requirements. I particularly appreciated the time she invested before the day to thoroughly understand the motivation for holding the training and what we needed to achieve from the day, both as a team and on an individual basis. The resulting session was dynamic, highly relevant and engaging, giving everyone a far greater understanding of how to work with colleagues with differing work styles. The open and relaxed style of the training ensured everyone felt comfortable and it encouraged full participation and honest engagement, something that can be difficult to achieve in a large group. We have left with clear immediate actions and longer-term ideas which the team are looking forward to exploring further.

Charlotte SpeedyCommunications DirectorDogs TrustLondon
International girls' education seminar planning & facilitation

rsz_stc_logo_squareJo played a lead facilitation role in our recent multi-country girls education seminar. The seminar drew participants from diverse groups of Education Advisers, Portfolio Managers, Project Directors, Monitoring and evaluation specialists and finance experts among others. She meticulously supported our teams in planning, designing seminar sessions , time management and directing discussions. She maintained very high professional standards with etiquette, and conducted business with fervour and enthusiasm. I highly recommend her as the 21st century type of facilitator.

Emily EchessaEducation AdviserSave the ChildrenUK
Board of Trustees effective communication

rsz_1rsz_unltd_logo_1Jo Wright handled our session with our Board members brilliantly.  She was a powerful and effective facilitator, commanding her audience with authority, earning our respect quickly and she made the session fun and interesting.

I am confident that our investment in Jo and Insights will reap rewards in how we communicate with each other better, consider more fully the needs of other team members and give due consideration to how each of us can improve our impact by understanding better the communication preferences of others.

I’m very happy to highly recommend Jo and the Insights methodology.

Martin Wyn GriffithChairman - Board of TrusteesUnLtd
Insights Discovery workshop

Comic Relief logo | Phoenix Training & Coaching

“Jo ran an Insights Discovery workshop for a group of new senior managers recently.  The event was fantastic.  All attendees have commented afterwards how great it was and how much they have learnt and are already putting it into practice.

Its always such a pleasure working with Jo.  Thank you”

Gill HornsbyLearning & Development ManagerComic Relief

Leadership Development

Management Development

Presenting with Impact