Set up and run your partnerships for maximum success

Partnership coaching supports any partnership, at any stage of their relationship, in being more successful and effective. Your partnership could be between multiple different organisations, coming together to deliver a common aim, or a cross-functional team to deliver a change project.  Partnerships are everywhere.

From high performing, established partnerships, to new relationships that are just starting out, we can help you to set up your partnership for success, and support you in staying on track. Or if you need it, to reset the direction if things have gone off piste.

How do you know you need it?

All partnerships can benefit from coaching (elite athletes and beginners alike benefit from it in the world of sport.) The graphic below gives you an idea of some of the indicators or clues you might notice for different types of partnerships.  Where does your team or partnership sit right now? What would it take for you to move up a level?  For those already in High Performing – what could you accomplish if it got even better?