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Welcome to Phoenix

Established in 2009, Phoenix has worked with a variety of organisations to ignite & unleash human potential – with business leaders, line managers, teams and individuals.

Our facilitators all have a pedigree business background – so they ‘get it’ and have ‘done it’ in the real world, and marry this experience with a passion for developing people, organisations and teams.  So we deliver great results and real change every time.

Who are Phoenix?

Phoenix exists to bring humanity to work – at work, and in life.  To help connect people with themselves, others and the world.  To encourage people to dream, set and achieve their wildest goals – at work and at home. To help them learn and grow.

We’re here to drive self-awareness, increase potential and create momentum for positive change in individuals, organisations, and the world.

We do it through turning standard ‘training’ and ‘facilitation’ into an invitation to grow and develop on a human level, whilst getting 100% behind making the workplace more effective and successful.

We want to do more work with organisations and people that do great things in the world.  Or just want to… and need some support to get there.

Phoenix work is underpinned by these key values and principles:

  • As human beings, we all have positive intentions, and different ways to achieve them
  • We’re all capable of positive change in ourselves, and in facilitating it in others
  • What we learn in life, we can bring to work, and vice versa

We’d love to work with you to facilitate learning and create positive change with your teams, managers and leaders.

We believe in:

  • Facilitating change that is more than ‘skin deep’
  • Enabling learning that is impactful and sustainable
  • Linking the learnings from both work and personal life to give a ‘total human’ impact
  • Delivering you an excellent return on investment at both a personal and business P&L level

We go way beyond the brief to create real change and to open eyes and minds to potential, possibilities and to deliver business results.

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Meet our team

Jo Wright
Jo WrightOwner, Lead Facilitator

Jo is a passionate Facilitator and Coach who delights in getting the best out of people and step-changing performance.

With 15 years commercial experience in major FMCG sales, marketing, line management and leadership roles, Jo brings commercial acumen and pragmatic, results-oriented solutions to her clients.

Since 2008 she has specialised in helping commercial and not for profit organisations drive people performance through a variety of coaching, training and facilitation techniques.

She is a Licensed Practitioner of Insights Discovery®, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, tools which, combined with her deep intuitive understanding of people and cultures, give her a unique insight into how to get the best out of people in both their personal and professional lives.  She dreams of Bringing Humanity to Work in all its possible senses.

Our Other
Our OtherFacilitators

We work with a variety of highly skilled and specialised facilitators and coaches to deliver the right quality and right solution for our clients.  From qualified coaches, to authorised facilitators of the TCI Team Diagnostic Assessment, to specialists in innovative thinking, all of our facilitators have lived ‘in the real world’ and have worked with a huge variety of business clients.  We’ll always find the right people to deliver the right result and to fit your organisation, and we trust them to do a great job for you.

Adrian Marriott
Adrian MarriottFacilitator
Adrian is a Coach and Organisational Development practitioner with nearly 20 years commercial experience in line management and leadership roles.

Since 2004 he has worked as a consultant specialising in helping organisations and individuals to improve their performance.

Adrian now uses his experience to work with clients across a range of tasks including visioning, innovation, team development, coaching and employee engagement.

Adrian is an accredited MBTI practitioner and was a visiting lecturer at the University of Bath where he taught Organisational Behaviour on the International Management degree programme and the Executive MBA programme.

Adrian brings to his work the unique perspectives of an international athlete. He has trained and raced all over the world and has a best marathon time of 2 hours 18 minutes. He is a qualified UK Athletics Endurance Coach and also leads coach education workshops.