Develop your organisation’s management capability

We run a range of programmes tailored to your organisation’s needs and culture, including:

Almost all can be or have been adapted to the virtual environment, using skills gained training as a trainer of remote facilitators.

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Managing People (Management Development Programme)

So many managers are promoted for their technical expertise, and need support in developing the skills to manage their most precious resource: People.

The Managing People Programme equips your managers to do this effectively, and covers the following topics in a fresh and engaging way:

  • Objective setting and engagement
  • Managing workload, prioritisation and delegation
  • Managing differences (based on Insights Discovery®)
  • Managing for Performance – feedback, development conversations, coaching skills
  • Managing Team Performance – characteristics of a High Performing Team

Suitable for both new and experienced line managers, Managing People is a modular programme to maximize sustainable learning and opportunities to practice.

  • 5 x half day modules –> Bite size chunks of learning – easily digested and embedded
  • 3 x one to one coaching sessions –> Individual support
  • Learning needs analysis to provide a ‘pre’ and ‘post’ benchmark
  • Small groups –> Great supervision and opportunities to practice

Run successfully at Comic Relief for five years, with proven results.

All programmes are tailored to suit your organisational needs and culture.

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Coaching for Managers

phoenix-4rth-whand_v4If you want to develop and motivate your teams, coaching is an essential part of your toolkit.

Implementing coaching supports managers in developing staff, delegating and creating an empowered learning culture.

Our programme includes topics such as:

  • Why coach?
  • When and who to coach?
  • Creating great coaching relationships
  • Effective communication skills
  • Coaching tools and questions
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Creating the momentum for change
  • Coaching different personality styles

Suitable for all levels of experience, this two day programme is highly interactive and experiential, with lots of opportunities to practice.

All programmes are tailored to suit your organisational needs and culture.

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